Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis; fancy name, nasty problem

Published 13th July 2022

This condition is caused by substances entering the lungs from the environment (extrinsic), causing an allergic inflammatory response (allergic) deep in the lung tissue where gas exchange happens (alveolitis)

It causes progressive damage to the lungs unless identified and treated.

Many substances that can cause this condition are present in the workplace.

Examples include

                Fungi in mouldy hay, (farmer’s lung)

                Grain dust (maltster’s lung), farming, malting and brewing industries

                Animal feathers and faeces, (bird fancier’s lung),  laboratory workers

                Metal working fluids, engineering workers

                Aspergillosis, mushroom workers

Raised awareness and reduction of exposure is the best way of preventing problems. 

Regular lung testing, to check the adequacy of preventative measures, is required by law under COSHH.  Please contact us if you require further information.


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