Industrial Injury Benefit - Covid

Published 20th December 2022

Some workers with some Covid-related conditions can now claim industrial injury benefit.

The Advisory Council on Industrial Injuries has reported there is sufficient evidence that some Covid related conditions are related to an employee’s work and so industrial injury benefit can be claimed.

This relates to workers in the Health and Social Care sectors only.

The Covid related conditions that may be considered for benefit are;  long term lung damage, pulmonary hypertension, stroke, heart attack and post intensive care syndrome.

An application is completed and the usual process is a medical examination to determine what percentage of disability is present. 

If it is over 14%, then a weekly payment is made on a sliding scale, depending on the degree of disability. 

The current amounts are £37.72 at the lowest level to £188.60 per week for 100% disablement.

It is possible that other employment sectors and other covid complications may be included as further evidence comes to light.

COVID-19 and Occupational Impacts - GOV.UK (

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