07 May 2020

Just arrived!

Lockdown really isn’t a great time to start any new project, but it just so happens I started work as an Occupational Health Nurse at Workplace Wellness on the 7th of April this year. It has been a whirlwind month of change and challenges. I’ve been a qualified nurse since 1995 and have worked in many clinical settings – both in Hospitals and GP Surgeries. For the better part of the last ten years, I had been working in the field of Clinical Research, but I just knew it was time for a change.

I don’t know if I’d call it a mid-life crisis, but in 2019, I took the plunge and spent the summer training to be a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer at Bath University. I’d always had a passion for exercise and nutrition and considered myself very fit (for my age). After blood, sweat and tears (definitely tears), I made it through, along with former Olympic athletes and Iron Men! But it was then that I realised this was going to be a turning point in my career. I decided I needed to work in a nursing role which could encompass this new skill which I had worked so hard to attain.

I was strolling around Bradford on Avon in Autumn last year and happened to wander by Workplace Wellness. It was then that it struck me. Occupational Health seemed like the perfect fit; a way to marry my clinical and health-improvement skills all in one role. And I’m so glad I took the plunge.

I don’t think anybody really relishes the idea of being ‘the new girl’ – especially at the age of 48. However, I was made to feel so welcome by the team on my first day that I was soon put at ease. Still, there was a terrific amount to learn, and I wandered home that first day with a completely saturated brain. However, I’ve always believed that without challenge, there can never be change. Every day, I learn something new which I believe makes me a better clinician.

Just a little bit about me: I’m married with two teenagers. Aside from being fitness mad, I sing in an all-female choir, I’ve published three fictional books and write a (hopefully) humorous blog, which is followed by readers from all over the world.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my new role here at WW. I’m looking forward to using my diverse experience to benefit my clients as they too start their new employment journey.

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