2nd June 2021

Workforce Mental Wellbeing

We are now all very aware that there has been a massive impact on mental wellbeing in almost every population due to the Covid Pandemic and the social restrictions put on us all. Research from man...
23rd December 2020

What is Covid Toe?

What is Covid Toe? This is a condition that has been noticed by doctors around the World as patients present with new symptoms of the Corona Virus infection.    Some people who test positive for ...
26th March 2021

#Kickstarter Employer

We are delighted to have been accepted as a Kickstart Employer and we look forward to welcoming a new Kickstart employer to our team. We hope they will enjoy being part of our administrative team a...
16th December 2020

HSE Diving Medicals

Due to the high risks and hazards involved with diving there are specific regulations for Diving at Work. The standards and guidelines reflect the need to protect the health, safety and welfare o...
27th January 2021

January and Covid Blues

Our mental health matters on every day of the year.   We are all talking about our mental wellbeing and how important it is. But are we doing enough to look after ourselves in these challenging t...
7th May 2020

Guidance on self-isolation for workers at work

 When your employees return to work they will be exposed to more risk of developing Covid 19 infection. We would suggest a reminder of the guidance on how to self isolate. Guidance on self-isolati...

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