28th July 2021

Sugar and Salt Tax

In 2018 a Sugar tax was introduced on the soft drinks industry and the result was that most of the manufacturers reformulated their products to minimise the cost to the consumer and to ensure they ...
7th July 2021

What to expect

We hope that the following information may help you prepare for your Occupational Health Referral appointment and feel relaxed about coming to see us. If you have any questions, please call us on 0...
14th July 2021

Have you had your jab?

Catching Covid-19 can be serious at any age and can lead to long term health complications including extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, problems with memory and sleep and ear problems. You can h...
23rd June 2021

Work in times of recession and crisis.

It cannot be underestimated that good work is even more important in times of crisis and employers should consider this in planning their job roles and workforce. The key points of good work are a...
7th July 2021

Travel following Covid

  Once we are allowed to travel again we will need to plan our travel itinerary carefully to ensure we are well prepared for the changes to the World. Vaccination - If possible have both Covid ...
23rd June 2021

Covid and Flu Vaccination update for Autumn 2021

The Covid Vaccination programme undertaken by the NHS has been a triumph and research is showing that the current vaccines are protecting the population from the virus, minimising hospital admissio...

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