Walking for Health

Published 5th January 2023

Never too little or too late when it comes to walking for health

An American study combined the outcomes of 8 studies looking at adults’ walking habits and how often cardiovascular disease; heart attack, stroke and heart failure, was diagnosed.

Over 20,000 adults had their walking gauged by step-measuring devices over a 6 year period.

In adults aged over 60 years, there was a clear linkage between the number of steps walked and a reduction in cardiovascular disease.  Walking 4000 steps decreased risk by 20%, 5000 steps by 38% and 9000 steps by 50% compared to people walking only 2000 steps per day.

The message for 2023 is “get walking”.  Even if it is only a little, it all helps.

Reference: Paluch et al.  20 Dec 2022   https://doi.org/10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.122.061288    Circulation. 2022;0

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