What is Covid Toe?

Published 23rd December 2020

What is Covid Toe?

This is a condition that has been noticed by doctors around the World as patients present with new symptoms of the Corona Virus infection.   

Some people who test positive for the corona virus can develop discoloured and swollen toes.  The condition can occur at any age but is more common in the young and healthy. Many will not have had any usual Covid symptoms. The condition usually develops on the toes only, but can also occur on the fingers. Swelling and discolouration can develop on one toe or many. The toes may turn from red to purple or vice versa. Some people develop blistering of the toes, pain and itching. Some cases have had a pus under the skin.

It is important to exclude other diagnoses- such as chilblains- usually associated with exposure to the cold, some infections or eczema. If you are concerned consult a health professional for advice.

Covid toe can be treated with a topical hydrocortisone cream available from the local pharmacy and also paracetamol for discomfort. If the symptoms increase in severity or the toes become infected seek medical advice.

Covid toe can go away without any treatment and usually last up to 14 days. In rare cases symptoms may persist longer and if you have any concerns seek medical advice.


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