Management Referrals

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Management Referrals

Our experienced doctors and nurses can assess your employees and assist your management of health-related absence and planning a return to work. Our aim is to deliver an informed and independent report shared within a prompt timeframe. We provide a professional, impartial opinion on fitness for work, including advice on adjustments and where appropriate, guidance on the Equality Act (2010). This will enable your employee to return to work safely and successfully to improve the efficiency and productivity of your organisation.

Occupational Health can help management resolve a situation where an employee’s health may be affecting their fitness to carry out their job role or their job may be negatively affecting their health.

If you have an employee returning to work after an operation, illness or injury an occupational health advisor will be able to assess your employee’s functional ability and their capacity to perform some or all aspects of their job role. They would be able to give guidance on a phased return to work with realistic timeframes and guidance on reasonable adjustments to their role, support measures and risk assessments. If a full return to work does not seem achievable the advisor would be able to suggest suitable options which may include a review of the job role or flexible working. If the employee is assessed to be permanently unfit for their specific role then advice on ill health retirement can be given.

We would encourage you to send any employee with either a musculoskeletal or mental health condition to us as early as possible. We will assess their condition and make recommendations for appropriate treatment and support available to them. We can give tailored exercise programmes for musculoskeletal conditions, one of our nurses has a fitness training qualification. We can support employees with mental health conditions by encouraging engagement with services and treatment available to them. There is clear evidence that early intervention results in a more successful return to work and a shorter period of sickness absence.


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