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Information for your appointments

You have an appointment booked with Workplace Wellness. This is the information you need to prepare for your consultation.

Face to Face Appointments

On arrival, you will find Workplace Wellness is accessed by the side door, facing out onto the street, not Main Reception. Please press the bell marked Workplace Wellness.

We ask that you wear a Face mask for your appointment as we share a building with our local GP surgery. 

Telephone appointments

Check that your employer has your correct telephone number.

Video consultations

Video consultations are conducted on an encrypted secure network for your protection and confidentiality.

Read the instructions carefully and download the app needed well before your appointment day.

A laptop or PC is preferred, rather than a mobile phone, as you may be asked to read or show documents from your screen.

Please ensure your employer has included your telephone number as we may need to contact you by phone at the time of your appointment, if there are any problems connecting via Teams.

Management Referral appointment

During the consultation you will be asked questions about your job, your health and home situation to enable us to give clear and impartial advice to you and your employer.

It is very helpful if you can share at the consultation any hospital letters, prescriptions or other medical information.

If your work tasks are complicated and difficult to explain, you can consider sharing photos of what you do at your appointment.

After the consultation

We will share the report with you and ask for your consent before we send the report to your employer. If you request an email copy of the report, we usually send these within 2 to 3 days of the appointment so please check all Junk or Spam folders especially if your employer is waiting for your consent for the report to be released to them.

Please ask by email or telephone if you have any further questions.


We ask you to give your consent for us to share the report or certificate with your employer. The clinican will ensure you understand this process and that you are able to change your mind and withdraw consent at any time. If you do have any questions regarding consent, we ask you to discuss this with us to ensure you fully understand the implications of any decision you chose to make.

Pre-Work Health Assessment

You have received an appointment for a pre-work health telephone assessment.

This is a medical health assessment after you have received an offer of employment and usually before you commence your new role, although it should not delay you starting the job.

 If you tick a “yes” box in your Pre-Employment Health Declaration, this will usually prompt a call from one of our Occupational Health Advisors.  For some companies, we assess all employees.

The assessment involves discussing the main components of your role and will include a detailed medical history focusing on your ability to perform your job and whether you need any support to help you work safely and effectively.

If you are medically fit for your role, then a Certificate of Fitness is sent to your employer. Sometimes adjustments are recommended that might make the working environment safer and healthier for you.

You are not legally obliged to identify any conditions/illnesses you may have on the Pre-Employment Health Declaration form. However, we strongly advise that you do so, as there may be risks to you and others if an employer is not aware of any medical conditions that may have an impact in the workplace.

Medical examinations

Before the examination:

  1. Check what information you are asked to provide.
  2. Check what you will be asked to do.
  3. Complete any questionnaire required before attending and bring the completed form with you or email it in advance.
  4. Bring a form of identification - driver’s licence or passport.
  5. Bring the relevant forms, for example, HGV or D4 medical forms, and fill in your personal details in advance.
  6. Bring your prescription information and any relevant hospital/consultant letters.
  7. You may be asked to bring a GP summary printout of your NHS medical notes. Please ask your GP for this in plenty of time.
  8. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring these with you.
  9. If you wear a hearing aid, bring this with you.
  10. If you are to do a fitness test, wear appropriate footwear and clothing.
  11. If you are to perform a lung function test, please bring any inhalers with you.
  12. If you have any access difficulties, let us know before your appointment so appropriate support can be arranged. If you have any language difficulties you may need to arrange for an interpreter to be present, please speak to your employer about this.
  13. If any personal details change after you receive your appointment letter/email, let us know.

Consent and Data Protection

We are a professional team, and all sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure information you give to us is held securely at all times.

All reports are sent out password protected. You will be informed of your password to open your document.

We will ask you to give consent each time a report is to be sent out to your employer. We will share the report with you so you are aware of the content.

You will receive a copy of your report.

We only share information with a third party if you give your consent.

We may require a report from your GP. We ask for your consent before asking your GP to share this information with us. You can ask to see any report from your GP before it is sent to us.

You have a right to access any information we hold. You need to contact our business manager to arrange this. To do this please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use one of the "Contact Us" tabs.  You will need to provide proof of your identity before we release any information. We can either copy all information for you, share our screens over a secure network, or send in a Zip file password protected. 

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. We will not release any further information.

If you have any concerns at any time please contact us and we can help you to resolve these issues.

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about having us visit your workplace, please contact us now!

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