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Construction sector

The Construction industry accounts for only 7% of the UK workforce but has 36% of the work-related fatal injuries, with the majority of these being a fall from height.

Construction workers are at least 100 times more likely to die from a disease caused or made worse by their work than they are from a fatal accident. Many construction workers suffer with long standing musculoskeletal conditions and mental health issues that affect their work.

There seems to be some misunderstanding on how Occupational Health is relevant in the Construction sector and how support and advice from an OH provider can improve the health and productivity of the workforce. New ISO45001 regulations are now in force, as are the new IR35 changes. Both will affect the employer’s responsibility for their employees and workforce.

Our proposal for your organisation is as follows: -

Compliance- We will provide a GAP analysis and report on what services you require to be compliant with the Industry Regulations and HSE. This will involve one site visit to assess your workplace and a review of your current risk assessment. We will identify any outstanding OH issues and make recommendations for the future Employee Health Surveillance and Assessments.

Intervention- We will provide the Health Surveillance and Fitness for Work Assessments for your employees to ensure your company is compliant with legislation. We will process a Pre-Work Health Assessment to ensure they are fit for their role. This can include Safety Critical Medicals and Plant Op as well as Working at Height. We will provide a report of the fitness status for each employee and when the next assessment is due. 

Productivity- We can offer support by Early Intervention for Mental Health and Musculoskeletal conditions and this will be with an Occupational Health Nurse Advisor. If further intervention is required, we will offer a 10% discount for any employee referred for a full medical assessment with an Occupational Health Physician under the case management referral process.

Wellbeing- This package will develop line management training and support to enable them to best manage the workforce. We will offer health promotion and lifestyle evaluation for all the workforce.

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