Healthy Lifestyle & Wellbeing at Work

Keeping the workforce happy, healthy & safe

Healthy Lifestyle & Wellbeing at Work

We have a range of services for companies who wish to encourage their employees in leading a healthier lifestyle. We also support companies who wish to review the wider factors affecting Wellbeing at Work.

Training in the workplace and health promotion activities can help you develop a healthy working environment that educates your workforce to enable them to manage their physical and mental wellbeing.

This includes a range of programmes to support individual workers to adopt healthier choices in diet, smoking, alcohol and exercise. We can support companies with the ageing working population taking into consideration work demands, the working environment as well as physical and mental health needs. For organisations looking at the wider determinants of healthy working we offer advice concerning the physical environment, the management of relationships within and without the workplace, together with motivation, resilience and fulfilment at work.

There is increasing evidence that addressing both individual and group factors brings significant benefit to the company as well as the individual.

We are very keen to promote healthy lifestyles and will be happy to put together a bespoke presentation/webinar or training package for your business. We give advice to employees on how to manage and minimise common self-limiting illnesses, managing mental health and recognising triggers; diabetic and cardiovascular risk assessment and skin surveillance programmes.

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