Manager's Helpline

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Manager's Helpline

This helpline is to ensure you can ask the relevant questions prior to a referral or to enable you to access the correct service.

We can provide our clients with a Manager’s helpline which is available from Monday to Friday to give you access to a senior Occupational Health Advisor for advice within 24 hours ( Monday to Friday). There will be an annual fee for this service, and this will depend on the number of employees in your organisation. Included in this annual fee is an annual workplace visit and report from one of the Directors of the company.

Our clients have found it useful to discuss a referral prior to sending this to us, to enable them to ask the right questions and to ensure it is a transparent and fair process.

We are happy to give advice on specific medical conditions and how they may impact on the workplace as well as signposting you to more in depth information and support.

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