Confined Space Medicals

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Confined Space Regulations 1997

A confined space is any place, including a chamber, tank, vat, silo, pit, trench, pipe, sewer, flue, well or other similar space, which, by virtue of its enclosed nature, there arises a reasonably foreseeable risk. It must be substantially enclosed and one of the following specified risks must be present. There may be a change in the conditions which would then identify a space as being confined.

This may apply to:

  • a diving project
  • a mine
  • any container with free flowing solid- e.g. flour, grain, sugar, sewerage, sand etc

A specified risk may apply to:

  • serious injury due to fire or explosion
  • lack of oxygen due to fumes, gas, fire, increase in body temperature.
  • Drowning due to increase in fluid levels
  • Asphyxiation due to free flowing solid.

Possible Hazards

  • Risk of fire or explosion- flammable substances, excessive oxygen, combustible chemicals or sparks, airborne flammable contaminants
  • Excessive heat- hot conditions, sun or other heat source, steam present, hot work carried out e.g. welding
  • Toxic gas, fume or vapour- welding, previous stored products, painting / spraying, toxic gas production, build up of products, exterior heat source
  • Oxygen deficiency- inadequate resupply, poor ventilation, processes using up oxygen, increased levels of carbon dioxide, reduction of oxygen to limit risk of fire.

Although it is not a legal requirement to have a confined space medical it is considered good practice to ensure that your workers are able to work in confined spaces and to minimise their risk of injury or health issues.

The Assessment

Our medical includes a health questionnaire, blood pressure, urine test, height/weight/BMI/hip waist ratio, vision screening, lung function and hearing tests. We will check for any underlying health issues or prescribed medication that may affect a worker’s fitness to work in a confined space.

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