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High mileage drivers, DVLA groups 1&2- HGV, PSV, LGV, Taxi, minibus

All drivers must be fit to drive the vehicle they are responsible for. There are a number of medical conditions and disabilities that can out the driver and other road users at risk.

It is therefore vital that all drivers of HGVs PSVs taxis Minibuses, very large vehicles or those driving at night are fit to do so.

The DVLA state that “driving involves a complex and rapidly repeating cycle that requires a level of skill and the ability to interact simultaneously with the vehicle and external environment.

Safe Driving requires the following

  • Good visual and auditory senses
  • Visual and spatial perception
  • Attention and concentration
  • Memory
  • Insight and understanding
  • Judgement
  • Adaptive strategies
  • Good reaction times
  • Planning and organisation
  • Ability to self monitor
  • Muscle power and control
  • Coordination

Many medical conditions can affect our ability to function at the level required to drive safely. Some conditions will progress with time and it is important to know when you are no longer able to respond or drive safely.

United Kingdom Licensing

Group 1- cars and motorcycles. Valid up to age 70 and then renewal every 3 years. The driver is required by law to inform the DVLA of any medical conditions that could affect his/her driving ability.

Group 2- Large lorries and buses. Minimum age is 24yrs and is then valid for 5 years. New applicant must have a D4 medical examination by a registered medical doctor. Drivers under 45 years can renew their licence by self-declaration. Drivers over 45years must have a full medical to D4 standard. Drivers over 65years must have an annual D4 medical. Group 2 drivers must inform the DVLA of any notifiable medical conditions.

The medical standards for Group 2 are significantly higher than group 1.

We are able to offer all types of medical driving examination and ask that you check the standards required for your role. As Occupational Health doctors we are able to assess your risk related to your job role and the duties you are required to carry out, driving at night, driving very large vehicles, working in a demanding environment, working with toxic materials.

We suggest that you bring the relevant form for completion to your appointment.

We ask that you have a print off of your GP medical summary as this ensures we have adequate information on your medical history.

If you are a patient of Bradford on Avon and Melksham Health Partnership we will ask for your consent to access your medical records.

We ask that you bring your medication list with you as some types of medication can affect your driving ability.

If you have any concerns about your medical condition and driving the DVLA website can provide good information.

If you require further information please contact us.

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