Hepatitis A

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Hepatitis A is a viral infection and is generally a mild disease but can be more severe in older people. It causes jaundice in 70-80% of adults infected and can result in a severe hepatitis- inflammation of the liver and can be fatal in the elderly.

The virus is transmitted by the faecal- oral route through person to person spread or contaminated food or drink.

Routes of transmission include:

  • drinking unclean water
  • eating food that has been washed or grown in unclean water
  • eating food that has been handled by an infected person
  • close contact with an infected person, including having sex and sharing needles to take drugs.

The vaccine is effective and is generally given as 2 vaccines 6 -12 months apart, to give 25 years of immunity.

Hepatitis A can be combined with Typhoid vaccine or Hepatitis B vaccine.

We are able to offer Hepatitis A vaccines to patients of Bradford on Avon Health Centre, free of charge, under the NHS service.

We are able to offer Hepatitis A to employees who require this vaccine for work related travel. The employer will be charged for this service.

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