Hepatitis B

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Hepatitis B is a viral infection of the liver and in many cases, it may be very mild or a flu like illness. Jaundice may occur in 10% of children and 30-50% of adults. The acute infection can lead to breakdown of the liver and death. The illness may start with loss of appetite and nausea, mild fever, and a feeling of lethargy and malaise. Jaundice develops and the stools become much lighter and urine very dark.

Blood tests can identify the stage of infection.

The virus is transmitted by blood or body fluids.

Spread usually takes place by:-

  • vaginal or anal intercourse,
  • blood to blood contact with sharing needles or needlestick injuries in healthcare,
  • or from mother to baby.

Chronic infection can develop and cause liver failure and liver cancer.

Hepatitis B immunisation requires 3 vaccines 1 month and 6 months apart. 2 months after the 3rd vaccination a blood test is taken to check for an immune response.

When Hepatitis B is given in combination with Hepatitis A, the clinician will advise how many vaccines are required as this depends on the type of vaccine available.

We are able to offer Hepatitis B in combination with Hepatitis A vaccines to patients of Bradford on Avon Health Centre free of charge under the NHS service.

We are able to offer Hepatitis B to employees who require this vaccine for work or work related travel. The employer will be charged for this service.

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