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Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection causing fever, diarrhoea and headaches. In severe cases it can be fatal by causing multiple organ failure. It is usually contracted by ingesting infected food or water contaminated by infected human faeces.

It occurs most commonly in the Indian subcontinent, South Asia, sub Saharan Africa, east Asia and the Pacific. Lower rates occur in the Middle East, North Africa, Central and South America.

Typhoid can be successfully treated with antibiotics but there is antibiotic resistance developing around the world. Prevention is by improving sanitation and water supplies.

Typhoid vaccine is a single vaccine and lasts for up to 3 years.

We are able to offer Typhoid vaccines to patients of Bradford on Avon Health Centre free of charge under the NHS service.

We are able to offer Typhoid to employees who require this vaccine for work related travel. The employer will be charged for this service.

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