Travel & Immunisations

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Travel & Immunisations

Our travel clinic offers ther NHS travel related immunisations to registered patients of Bradford on Avon and Melksham Health Partnership and the employees of Workplace Wellness Clients.

Some Vaccines are only available from Private Clinics and we can make recommendations of what you may require for your planned itinerary.

You should be aware that some infections do not have adequate vaccination protection and we will advise you on how to minimise your risk when you travel.

Every vaccination has the potential to cause side effects. We advise you to check your itinerary carefully and then visit the website to check which vaccines you may require. At your appointment we can discuss your travel risks and help you decide which vaccines you should have.

We are not a Specialist Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. We can give advice if you may require this vaccine and we will signpost you to a specialist centre. Please check the guidance and information on the following website This will enable you to make an informed decision and if necessary avoid travelling to countries with a yellow fever risk.

We recommend that you contact your pharmacy for malaria prophylaxis medication.

For all the patients of Bradford on Avon and Melksham Health Partnership, we require that you complete and return the Pre-Travel Questionnaire eight weeks prior to your departure. Currently we are not able to offer the NHS service for immediate travel, within 8 weeks of departure date.

The Travel Clinic runs on a weekly basis on a Tuesday. Your completed Travel Forms will be triaged on Tuesday and following this, you will receive an email with the recommendations for your vaccine requirements.

Pre-Travel Questionnaire

Complete our Pre-Travel Questionnaire online today by downloading a copy that you can then email to us. Our administrator will then contact you to confirm your requirements.

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