2nd August 2022

What HR professionals should know about managing depression

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have recently published the first update on the treatment of depression for over 10 years. Depression is now divided into “less severe”...
28th June 2022

Changes to Fit Notes from 1st July 2022

There has been an announcement of a significant change to the Fit Note Regulations to allow more healthcare professionals to certify Fit Notes. The professions that can now sign Fit Notes are regi...
28th July 2022

NHS waiting times and work; a problem rapidly getting worse

There has been a steady increase in recent years in the number of people waiting for planned NHS treatment.  At present the number stands at 6.3M and this is predicted to exceed 10M in 2024. ...
6th June 2022

Men's Health

It is Men’s health week from 13-19 June. Time to consider how you can manage your own mental and physical wellbeing. Heart disease - most common cause of death in men. Men can play an active role...
13th July 2022

Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis; fancy name, nasty problem

This condition is caused by substances entering the lungs from the environment (extrinsic), causing an allergic inflammatory response (allergic) deep in the lung tissue where gas exchange happens (...
11th May 2022

Menopause and the workplace

The menopause is a natural process and will affect every woman at some time in her life. It usually occurs between 45 to 55 years and can continue until the mid 60s. Premature menopause can affect ...

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